Simplify Your Sales Message

Simplify Your Sales Message

Simplify your sales message

Imagine for a minute that you and your sales team have all the time in the world and your prospects do too.

Your prospects are happy to spend as much time as required to fully explain their challenges and listen to how your product or service can help resolve their issue(s). You can spend as much time as you want to explain how your product or service can benefit the prospect, get into the nuances and details as well as fully answer every single question.

Now realise you live in the real world!

No sales people have all the time in the world to make their pitch and neither do any prospects to listen to them. In the real world, it’s vitally important that your sales message is conveyed in a concise, simple manner.

Cut out the waffle and get straight to the point to deliver a relevant, hard-hitting sales message.

Do your homework

When interacting directly with a prospect do your homework first. Understand what their challenges might be and what elements of your message will really hit home with that specific customer. Not only can this help you get to the point quickly but it’ll also help the customer feel you understand them.

Cut out the tech speak and jargon

You’re immersed in your business which means you probably have a deep understanding of your services, your products, the industry, the technology, the regulations, and the competition.

Your customers probably don’t. Trim your message down to the essentials whilst maintaining clarity.


You may well have a product or service that can solve a myriad of problems but your customer will only be interested in solving their key challenge. Focus on this one problem the prospect will no longer face when they buy from you.

Make buying easy

Your sales message should close with a simple call to action, it could be a trial, meeting, demo, conference call or sign off but whatever it is make it easy for the customer to take that action and progress the sale.

A simple sales message can really help accelerate pipeline and revenue growth. To find out how Route to Market help our customers to refine their message and deliver it to the right potential buyers then get in touch on 0203 778 0405.


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