Marketing Approach 2019

Throughout 2018 we observed a significant trend within marketing approaches. Namely the distinction between B2B and B2C is becoming increasingly more blurred and there is a growing realisation that they aren’t separate entities but more like two parts of a bigger whole.

This is an approach we’ve always believed in, after all irrespective of the day job all B2B audiences are consumers too! As such they aren’t immune from being influenced by emotions and the same qualities such as humour, creativity and innovation, used within B2C will have a significant impact on capturing their interest.

It’s not easy to get it right and find the perfect balance between creativity and measurement but we believe the trend towards a B2H, Business to Human, approach will continue throughout 2019. Think of your customers as humans, no matter what they’re buying, and it’ll go a long way to helping marketing provide real business impact on a day to day basis throughout 2019 and beyond.