The usual way of work and life has drastically changed over the last few months, there are constant challenges for us all to find the ‘new normal’ and it’s still likely to be some time before that normal is properly established and stabilised. It’s been known for some time that the most successful professionals in sales and marketing need to be able to adapt to a range of circumstances and markets but there are some things that you just can’t prepare for. Every one of us has had parts of our lives turned upside down and both individuals and businesses are all trying to survive right now.

There are some businesses flourishing but for many there are significant challenges with some experiencing potentially catastrophic crises. Business development, including both the sales and marketing functions, is a forward-looking aspect of business but the drop in revenues due to Covid-19 is squeezing budgets and forcing these functions to reassess what they do and how they can maximise the return for the business.

We have seen some clients cease virtually all activity, some have come to us to help them fill the gap caused by the cancellation of all events and others are increasing their commitment with a very strategic and long term view. Without exception we have had to adjust our own working to ensure increased mindfulness in all the activities we undertake for our clients.

The new normal in terms of business development will not feel normal for some time and there will not be a single normal, it will be unique to both individuals and businesses. It is clear though that those with a more long term approach and the ability to undertake business development activities with tact, empathy and mindfulness are already seeing the positive results of this and are likely to be amongst the strongest in finding, adopting and being successful in the new normal.

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