Route To Market Consulting LTD

Business Development / Telemarketing

Pre-defined approach

Our client is involved every step of the way, from campaign set up to campaign completion. No one knows your business like you do so your input is invaluable in defining the whole approach and strategy.

Individual Prospect Profiling

When planning any campaign, it’s essential to understand the audience. Route to Market are experts in developing client personas and will work with you to define who your buyers are and what triggers their interest. Our approach is based on years of experience and will make sure the messaging is appropriate and effective.

Hours of Work

Our work takes placed during the hours we are most likely to reach your prospects. Standard hours of 9am-5pm don’t apply when you are looking to reach senior decision makers. We go out of our way so you don’t have to.

Qualified Opportunities

All of the opportunities we hand over to your sales team will be fully qualified based on the predefined criteria we help you shape. Your team will be presented with a detailed document designed to help them prepare for the initial meeting. This will include providing a detailed overview of the person or people we have engaged with, the opportunity itself and what we know is happening in the business as a whole, as well as due diligence on the company, its financial performance and recent news stories you need to be aware of.

The Route to Market team have a wealth of experience in delivering business development campaigns for some of the world’s largest and most recognised IT and consultancy organisations. Our success is largely down to our passion for this work and our desire to deliver quality to our clients.

Many organisations believe the key to delivering successful demand generation campaigns is all in the metrics. At Route to Market we believe striving for metrics can drive the wrong kind of behaviours from consultants. Our team are incentivised on quality as opposed to quantity. Utilising a well-honed qualification process, agreed during the collaborative campaign creation journey we undertake with our clients, RTM ensures that the opportunities we deliver to our clients are of the highest order. Our campaigns are designed to help our clients generate pipeline and revenue. If you aren’t meeting the right people to have the right conversations, then this becomes an impossibility.

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