Event Prospecting

Helping Clients Optimise Their Business Generation Engine

This service is aimed at clients wishing to drive attendance to their own and/or industry events.

Route to Market (RtM)’s core competency is B2B lead generation of complex/high-value service propositions, putting us in a strong position to engage in productive conversations with senior stakeholders our clients wish to invite to these events.



Begin outbound calling to prospects to introduce the event and discuss interest

Arrange a 15-minute intro call if applicable

If not available/interested in the event, pursue the opportunity of an intro call if applicable


• If unable to reach prospects by phone on multiple attempts:
Send an email detailing the event and our interest in speaking with them – use LinkedIn/Data Tools to personalise this.
○ Follow-up email to be issued within 48 hours from the initial email – reiterating the fact they have been ‘hand-picked’ as someone we are keen to speak to.

Positioning Paper: Demand Generation with Route to Market Consulting LTD

Even in large enterprises, it is surprisingly common for sales and marketing teams to function independently from one another and without a coordinated plan. Download RtM’s Positioning Paper to find out how we could support you with this.

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