Go-To Market Strategy

At RtM, we take guardianship of our client’s go-to-market strategy. Whether this means co-creating a strategy together or aligning with your existing approach. This forms the foundation for understanding the target audience, messaging, and channels needed to generate high-quality leads that align with our client’s business objectives.

For a successful demand generation campaign, we start by defining the addressable market, understanding the market context, and identifying economic buyers. Then, we create compelling messaging that addresses their pain points and highlights the unique value proposition. We use lead services like telemarketing, content marketing, and social media outreach to engage economic buyers within the client’s market. Ongoing analysis and refinement are crucial to adapt to market changes and maintain a steady flow of qualified leads.

Before starting a demand generation campaign, we review the below areas with our clients.

Addressable Market

To develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, we precisely define the addressable market by considering:

• Geographic Regions: We segment the market to target regions where our service offering is most relevant.
• Verticals & Company Size: Further segmentation helps us understand which industries and business scales benefit most.
• Exclusions: We identify segments where our service offering may not be suitable to save resources and avoid ineffective outreach.

This approach maximizes efforts, increasing success for our clients.

Market Context

Building a strong go-to-market strategy involves understanding market context, including industry trends, regulatory changes, economic shifts, and global events. We analyze and adapt to this ever-changing landscape to position ourselves for emerging opportunities and challenges, ensuring our client’s offering stays relevant and compelling. This proactive approach enhances competitiveness and resilience against market forces.

Economic Buyers

To create a solid go-to-market strategy, we identify economic buyers in our client’s addressable market by:

• Understanding key buying personas and stakeholders.
• Recognizing influencers and gatekeepers.
• Grasping the procurement strategy used by potential customers.

This comprehensive approach streamlines efforts and improves the chances of securing sales qualified leads (SQLs) for our clients.

Key Messages

Creating a robust go-to-market strategy involves:

• Analyzing client USPs for effective messaging.
• Understanding competitor weaknesses for counter-narratives.
• Determining resonant language through market research and profiling.

This approach ensures that messaging stands out, speaks directly to potential customers, and drives successful market penetration.

Lead Services

Crafting an effective go-to-market strategy with a demand generation service like RtM involves analyzing the client’s industry, target audience, and competitive landscape. By understanding the addressable market’s needs, we identify lead services that offer value and align with the client’s goals and target audience preferences.

Positioning Paper: Demand Generation with Route to Market Consulting LTD

Even in large enterprises, it is surprisingly common for sales and marketing teams to function independently from one another and without a coordinated plan. Download RtM’s Positioning Paper to find out how we could support you with this.

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