Route To Market Consulting LTD

Market Challenge

Route to Market’s customers come in various shapes and sizes but they all share one common aspiration; how can they take their products and services to customers that they either have no established relationship with, or who don’t associate them with the solution they are looking to promote. This isn’t an easy problem to solve and customers are typically finding the market today is a challenging place.

  • Establishing differentiation in the eyes of the buyer is much harder
  • Without creating value based differentiation the only thing the client can use to drive a decision is price
  • Customers technology purchases have to be aligned to corporate strategy and have justifiable business cases to offer any hope of sign off
  • Pipelines are not providing the 3-4x coverage needed to deliver targets
  • In order to achieve predictable growth, firms need business development and sales solutions that can deliver scalable and repeatable results
  • Prospects are tired of constant e-mail and telemarketing approaches that are exactly the same as they were ten+ years ago.
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