Our People

Here you will find one member of the team from each area of the business, who will provide an insight into their professional background.

Stephanie Epton

Business Development Consultant
Stephanie possesses a wide range of skills and abilities that have contributed to her success in the field of business and customer relations.
She is highly skilled in communication, both in person and on the telephone, and has demonstrated her excellence in problem-solving consistently. Driven by targets and challenges, Stephanie maintains a positive and friendly outlook, making her approachable and dependable.
Stephanie’s extensive experience, coupled with her strong interpersonal skills, adaptability, and dedication, make her a valuable asset in the business and customer relations arena.

Calum Morris

Delivery Manager
Calum has worked in both Client / Customer-facing positions within the Energy, Telecommunications, and Automotive industries for almost 10 years.
During this time, he has developed vital Business Development and Communication skills, which are integral in supporting both team dynamics and client interactions. Calum’s professional journey highlights his adaptability, evident through his diverse roles and seniority levels.
This diverse experience showcases his adeptness across various responsibilities, leading to collaboration, enhancing client relationships, and contributing to the growth of the team and the broader business landscape.

Gavin Sutherland

Managing Director

Gavin is a seasoned business development professional with a rich background in managing accounts for prominent global management consultancies, bringing with him over 15 years of expertise. His forte lies in cultivating enduring relationships with clients and fostering a reputation for trustworthiness.

Over the course of the past decade, Gavin has played an instrumental role in securing several remarkable high-value sales accomplishments on behalf of his clients.

As a Managing Director, Gavin continues to channel his strategic leadership acumen and industry insights to drive growth, foster innovation, and lead high-performing teams toward achieving excellence in every facet of business.

Victoria Reid

Head Of Operations

Victoria joined RtM following a successful period working for a major Housing Association in London. Victoria has a great deal of experience working within the customer service industry, specifically within management to ensure that the team is delivering an excellent standard of service.

Victoria is committed to providing the best onboarding experience for our clients and is a believer in getting things right the first time, and employs that attitude when working with our clients.

As Head of Operations, Victoria manages RtM’s back office and corporate functions, including finance, HR, and administration. Victoria has developed expertise in building quality data sets and ensuring that target prospects are tailored to the needs of each of RtM’s individual clients.

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