Our Values

The company was founded on the back of significant experience and proven success. All of the elements below have gone into creating Route to Market Consulting:

RtM Values: What do they mean for how we do business?

At RtM, our thinking, decision-making, and Client Service, are all governed by the following five Values. We listened to current and previous clients on what they thought about their experience with RtM and alongside our full team’s involvement we distilled all this information into our values. The importance of understanding and being driven by these Values is impressed upon every member of our Team and is an important aspect of every Performance Review for us all. What do these Values mean to our clients and how should you expect to see us behave as a result of our commitment to them?

Our Five Values

Trust: Building and maintaining trust by being transparent, reliable, and authentic in communication and actions. Trust delivers or destroys value in every business relationship and has been instrumental in the growth of our company over the past 8 years. Transparency and clarity in communication are vital to establishing and maintaining that trust which is why we focus on these in every interaction we have internally and externally and are happy to be judged accordingly.

One Team: Collaborative efforts in all our business relationships internally and externally. A collegiate approach delivers results in our experience. If some of the parts of your car engine are working but out of time or sequence with the rest, you’ll struggle to complete your journey. We always aim to be aligned and in sync across our RtM team and with our client’s team. One Team is a value that emphasises collaboration, cooperation, and unity either internally or working with our clients, working towards a common goal. It’s the belief that everyone is working together as a single entity, with a shared vision, and a collective responsibility towards achieving success.

Dynamic: We are constantly evolving and improving strategies, communication, and collaboration to meet the demands in an ever-changing environment. We never stop learning and improving and are always willing to take on board new ideas from our clients, listen to criticism, and learn from results. This requires a dynamic mindset that is always looking to retain what works well and adopt new ideas when it makes sense.

Excellence: Sustaining performance at a high level, striving for success, and continuously improving our work. Being part of RtM means being focused individually and collectively on Excellence; in delivering results, performing well, and a commitment to Continuous Improvement. A business needs to continue evolving or face decline. We encourage our team to cultivate this mindset and use it to benefit our clients and for the betterment of our business.

Commitment: Our promise or pledge to follow through on a particular goal, task, or obligation, with a sense of dedication and loyalty. Our staff are encouraged and expected to prioritise three things; client outcomes, the well-being of our client and our own team of valued people, and the sustainable health of our business. There are no half measures in fulfilling commitments and when clients put their trust in us to deliver value, we give everything to fulfill their aims and expectations.

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