B2C Telemarketing

RtM provides specialised B2C Telemarketing professionals for generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) for high-volume bespoke services.

RtM can support our customers in the following areas:

Content Marketing: Help refine relevant content for positioning niche products and services, that will provide the most significant opportunity to create new revenue opportunities.

Social Media Marketing: Align the Telemarketing activities with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X), and LinkedIn to engage with the target audience.

Email Marketing: Build and segment an email list of potential customers and regularly send them valuable content, promotions, and offers.

Influencer Marketing: Target potential partners and influencers with a large and engaged following in your niche or industry. To help promote your products or services.

Telemarketing: Direct reach-out to the target audience, to sell, influence, and convert interest to a real sales opportunity.

Positioning Paper: Demand Generation with Route to Market Consulting LTD

Even in large enterprises, it is surprisingly common for sales and marketing teams to function independently from one another and without a coordinated plan. Download RtM’s Positioning Paper to find out how we could support you with this.

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