Route To Market Consulting LTD

Sales and Business Development Strategy

In order to deliver opportunities that are not only sales ready, but which are significantly more likely to create revenue, a demand generation campaign needs to convince the prospect we are going to create value or challenge them to think about the problem differently.

Route to Market campaign messaging will:

Demonstrate significant market knowledge to the prospect and our client’s view of how it is evolving

Should tell the customer what we understand their business challenges or pains are based on that insight rather than making them tell us

Be consultative in nature and designed to get to the heart of the business issues, and critically the personal goals of the prospect

Feel like a peer to peer level discussion that presents a different viewpoint to a common problem

Not pressure the prospect into meeting or any other type of engagement

Reflect the relationship progression wishes of the prospect

Help develop trust and a working relationship with the prospect from the outset. This is central to the Route to Market approach



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