Route To Market Consulting LTD

The RTM Approach

The Route to Market approach draws on methodologies from both the consulting and technology worlds to provide bespoke solutions that are designed to profile potential clients, promote brand / capability awareness, uncover active opportunities and establish the relationships that are essential to long term success in limited markets.

Marketing and selling complex solutions and services into organisations of a large or enterprise scale is a very different proposition than in the SME space. There are usually a large number of stakeholders and key influencers to consider, all of whom will have some input into a final decision or whose pains and frustrations could be the driver for a future project.

RTM utilises a number of different methods to establish initial contact with the target organisation including:

  • Direct Business Development Calling
  • Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn in mail
  • RTM Directors personal networks

The conversations we have on behalf of our clients are always business issue and business outcome driven. The RTM consultant will typically lead the discussion with a view point or insight into a specific issue, and will question and qualify the prospect around how that point of view applies to their own organisation. Ultimately what we are aiming to do is to highlight how the clients’ product/service set can address their specific challenges and/or create significant value for them. The RTM Consultant will paint the prospect a picture of what their world will look like once a solution has been implemented or a transformation is completed, and it is that picture that is what we sell to them.

During the initial profiling discussions, if an active or soon to be active project is identified, RTM will qualify the opportunity and agree progression steps with the prospect. This includes setting up an initial meeting where appropriate, but RTM believes in a consultative style of close where we allow the prospect to co-author the engagement process rather than trying to force meetings on prospects immediately.

Once the profiling activity has been completed RTM then works with the customers to review the picture we have built of each organisation, and to mutually agree the future strategy for targeting each one individually on and on-going basis.

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