RtM’s Philosophy

RtM’s philosophy for each and every business generation campaign can be characterised by 6 key features:


Working with our customers is vital for great teamwork but also for successful outcomes. RtM augments its lead generation experience with the client’s knowledge of its product services and competitor landscape, deriving the most effective campaign.


RtM shares Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Reports.  The customer should always feel they are in total control of the campaign. We are not sycophants, if there are tough moments, we call them out constructively and seek resolution based on empirical information.


RtM’s delivery is continually measured by various quality controls. We use both internal and external (Client-facing) KPIs and SWOTs to ensure our calling is meeting both its qualitative and quantitative objectives.  All Quality Measurement outcomes are reviewed monthly by the RtM board and by the client via RtM’s Customer Success Director.


RtM’s campaigns are delivered by our standard methodology. By doing this, we can easily provide flexible and scalable resourcing, helping campaigns to ramp up rapidly. It enables a baseline for reporting, to ensure we can undertake comparative performance measuring.

Shared Business Objectives

The vast majority of demand generation companies believe that their role ends by the number of leads they are able to “hand over” to the client.  At RtM we believe that the ultimate testament is the amount of revenue that is generated. Whilst we can’t always control how a sales opportunity is progressed, we don’t obfuscate our responsibilities. We are keen to understand and learn from our joint endeavours and strike a very high return on our client’s investment.

Performance Led

RtM has created a high-performance working environment. Every member of staff has both monthly and quarterly performance reviews. We encourage our team to grow and develop new skills and become invested with our clients, so they can be acknowledged for their contribution to the success of the campaign.

“We worked with the Route to Market team for 12 months, their integrity, transparency, and general working partnership style with us has been excellent”   
Founder and CEO
CX Technology Company
“RtM is simply the best Demand Generation Company we have ever worked with”  
European Technology & Consulting Group
“RtM has helped us deliver significant growth To our business pipeline and delivered an RoI of Revenues to the cost of about 15-to-1”  
UK Country Lead Partner
Global Consulting Group

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Positioning Paper: Demand Generation with Route to Market Consulting LTD

Even in large enterprises, it is surprisingly common for sales and marketing teams to function independently from one another and without a coordinated plan. Download RtM’s Positioning Paper to find out how we could support you with this.

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